The Mahuruni Primary School

The Mahuruni Primary School is a real growth school in southeastern Kenya, about 10 kilometers from the Tanzanian border. The school is located in a fairly dry area where more and more children are starting primary education. The reason for this is simply that many children are born in the region. Primary education is also free in Kenya.

In the period between 2000 and 2002, 9 classrooms and a water tank were built by the Verkaart Foundation.This was brought together with sponsor money by the Adelbert college. You can read more about this period here .

The school currently has available 11 classrooms and a shade. The school now has more than 1100 students. There are 11 teachers. All of this makes it immediately clear what the challenges are that the school is facing: a classroom and one teacher for every 100 students. Watoto Kenya Foundation is committed to expanding the school, initially with more classrooms. The school is going to work to attract more teachers. In addition, we will examine whether more drinking water supplies and more toilet facilities will be needed in the future.

Mr. Mbezi, the principal of the school, is a passionate man. He does everything he can to ensure that the students have the best possible time at school. He not only gets support from us but also from the local government. In collaboration with the employees of Tenda Pamoja, with the local government and with the school, we are looking for the best possible way to help this school.

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