Who do we help?

We help three schools in the southeast of Kenya, two primary schools and a secondary school. In total, we support more than 2650 children to make their days at school a success. You can find our schools along the Lungalunga-Ramisi road between Mombasa and Tanzania. Click on the map to discover where the schools are located.

The Mahuruni Primary School is the southernmost school in the district. It is a large school with currently 1103 (!) students with a total of 561 boys and 542 girls. One of the major challenges of the school is made clear by the fact that there is a total of only 11 teachers and as many classrooms to teach all of these children. That is an average of 100 children per class. If you want to know more about this beautiful school, please read more about this school here .

The Menzamwenye Primary School is located about 10 km northeast of the Mahuruni school. This is also a large school with 21 classrooms for a total of 1232 `pupils. In total 595 boys and 637 girls. The challenges here are not so much how to get the number of children per class lower, but more how to maintain the school in the best possible way. For example, we are currently working on replacing the roofs of the classrooms. These are completely rusted. Because we depend on rainwater for the drinking water supply, it is important to replace the roofs. Read more about this impressive school here .

Schuin tegenover Primary School ligt de Menzamwenye Secondary School, our secondary school. 179 boys and 174 girls receive education at this school. Secondary schools are scarce in Kenya and children often have to come from far to attend these schools. This long journey is not without danger, especially for girls. That is why we have provided 2 dormitories so that for the majority of the girls it is possible for them to stay in school during the week. Read more about this special school here !

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