Watoto Kenya Foundation was founded in 2015. To be precise, June 24, 2015. However, that does not mean that we have only been active since 2015. Nothing is less true. The history dates back to 1999. That was when Adelbert College started with its support for the Menzamwenye and the Mahuruni Primary School. The foundation "Adelbert helps Kenya" was a fact. The students of the Adelbert collected money through various, sometimes crazy, actions. A rowing action with 100 rowing machines in the auditorium, a skeeler and bicycle tour and a tour of the Netherlands by bicycle and all kinds of other promotions. Betty Straatman was Lecturer at Adelbert. From 2001 she became involved with the foundation. From that moment on she was unable to let go of Kenya. She was involved in all kinds of sponsorships. She has also made many trips to Kenya with students from Adelbert College.

At that time, the Verkaart Foundation had been active in Kenya for a number of years. During that period, this foundation built many primary schools at a rapid pace with the support of sponsors such as the Adelbert College.

The Adelbert has been active with its foundation until 2010. After that, the foundation was transformed into the "Wassenaar Steunt Kenya" foundation, with Betty and a number of Adelbert colleagues as driving forces. Because a number of board members decided to stop activities for Kenya, Betty Straatman brought together a new board in 2015. To this day, this board is committed to supporting and further developing the sponsor schools with additional classrooms, well-functioning gutters, vegetable gardens and much more.

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