Tenda Pamoja

The Tenda Pamoja Foundation has been active for more than 10 years as a partnership of quite a few Dutch foundations, including Watoto Kenya. Tenda Pamoja has an enthusiastic team of employees in Kenya. Where necessary, Tenda Pamoja consults for us with our schools. Tenda also employs an architectural specialist to monitor the construction projects so that construction is carried out according to plan and with the desired quality.

Wilde Ganzen

The projects we do are financially supported by Wilde Ganzen. When the Watoto Kenya foundation has collected 2/3 of the required amount, Wilde Ganzen will supplement this to the total required amount. This enables us to realize more projects with the same money.

Extreme Groei

Ondernemen kan erg eenzaam zijn en een onzeker gevoel geven of je het allemaal wel goed doet. Tegelijkertijd zul je veel energie en zelfverzekerdheid ervaren op het moment dat je weet dat je het in je hebt. Daarom heeft Mark Daamen als initiatiefnemer van, deze ondernemerstest ontwikkeld. Met deze gratis test krijg je het inzicht wat je nodig hebt om weer met volle energie en veel zelfverzekerdheid je bedrijf uit te gaan bouwen. Mark Daamen helpt ons op dit moment met de vervanging van de daken van de klaslokalen op de Menzamwenye Primary School en met de bouw van 2 nieuwe klaslokalen op de Mahuruni Primary School. 

Lin Skincare

Lin Skincare sponsors our webhosting.

Lin Skincare develops skin care products with only ingredients that really add value to the skin!

Voor elke aankoop van een heerlijk product van Lin Skincare gaat een deel van de opbrengst naar onze stichting!

My Book Buddy

We work together with the My Book Buddy organization. My Book Buddy focuses on stimulating and facilitating the (learning and) reading of underprivileged children in developing countries, or when they are affected by natural disasters or war violence. My Book Buddy has developed a program for this that focuses on readers and informative books. Literacy increases when books in their own language and stories from their own culture are available. The teachers and parents are crucial in stimulating the process of getting children to read. My book buddy is active at the Mahuruni Primary School and the Menzamwenye Primary School.

Albert Heijn and Jumbo

The Albert Heijn and the Jumbo in the Rokkeveen shopping center help us by regularly offering the possibility of setting up a collection box for the deposit of coupons. Always a nice way for us to get some extra money.

World Mathematics Fund

The Watoto Kenya Foundation was given the opportunity several times to supplement the number of mathematics books at their sponsor schools in Kenya. Education in Kenya starts in year 6 with mathematics education at the seventh grade. Every year, the union of Dutch math teachers asks its members to donate € 5, - in addition to the annual contribution to support schools in third world countries where necessary. Another source of income is the book auction. Many books are donated by ex math teachers or by family after death. Books are available at all levels. These auctions start several times a year.

The initiative was originated in the past because members of the Association of Mathematics teachers had experience teaching in schools in developing countries. In the association they took the initiative to set up The World Mathematics Fund (WMF).

Because more books came into the classroom in Kenya, the somewhat weaker students also had the opportunity to learn the material at their own pace. Enough books ensures a higher average of the KCPE score (comparable to the Cito score in the Netherlands) and more students can move on to higher education. Mathematics, English, Kiswahili are the subjects that count towards determining the level of further education.

Ernst Bobbie en de rest

Ernst en Bobbie steunen onze initiatieven in Kenia ook. Zo is er zelfs een heel programma van de twee kindervrienden gebaseerd op de uitdagingen waar we voor staan in Kenia. In ‘Wij willen water’ besteden ‘Ernst Bobbie en de rest’ op ludieke manier aandacht aan de drinkwater-problematiek in landen zoals Kenia. 

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