Karibu Kiti!

.. Welcome, sit down. " Karibu kiti! " We want to be able to say that to all students who will soon be using the 2 new classrooms that we will build on the Mahuruni. Therefore a real lustrum promotion! Help to get enough school desks together! Read more about it here .  

Our mission

Education is the basis for a better future for children. A child who has the opportunity to go to school works on his own future and on the development of his country. The Watoto Kenya foundation wants to help these children by providing the basic conditions for learning. That means a roof over their heads, a meal, clean drinking water and sanitation. These are facilities that are self-evident in the Netherlands. In Kenya, due to a lack of classrooms, classes often have up to 100 children. Schools are not connected to a drinking water supply and there are no toilet facilities..

What we do

We helpen een drietal scholen in Kenia met het opbouwen van alle benodigde basisvoorzieningen om kinderen op een goede en veilige manier naar school te laten gaan. We zijn actief in het zuidoosten van Kenia op de Mahuruni Primary School en de Menzamwenye Primary en Secondary School. We bouwen aan:

  • Classrooms
  • Clean drinking water through gutters, water tanks and water purification
  • Dormitories for girl students
  • Toilet facilities
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Teaching materials and books

Who we are

We all have a Kenyan heart, we have been active in Kenya for over 20 years and full of energy and determination to improve the situation for the children in our schools. We understand that we cannot do all this alone. We therefore emphatically seek cooperation with other parties to achieve our goals. We are long-term people who do not know about giving up. So we will continue our activities in the coming years! 

Our Schools

Primary School

A school with a strongly increasing number of students. More than 1100 now. We are currently building a new shade, in the near future we will start with 2 new classrooms. The school is in full development.

Primary School

Just over 1,200 students are taught at this school. There are enough classrooms. We are working here to replace the roofs of the classrooms. These are corroded and endanger the quality of the drinking water.

Secondary school

Our only secondary school is also in full development. Due to an increasing number of students, the school itself is working on a new classroom for the 'form one' students. The 2nd dormitory is also further furnished.

Where we operate

We are active in the southeast of Kenya. In an area not far from the Indian Ocean and Tanzania. Our schools are located near the town of Lunga Lunga. If you want to know exactly where our schools are located, you can click on this link . 

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