Lopende projecten 2020

Construction activities are currently underway at all of our schools. We would like to inform you of the state of affairs of these activities. 

New shade on the Mahuruni Primary

On the Mahuruni we are working on a new shade. A shade is a round construction, originally made of wood, with a high pointed roof. A shade has no walls. Even on a warm and sunny day it is good to stay in such a shade. You are sheltered from the sun, there is always a breeze blowing. Unfortunately, such a shade does not last very long. The wood will rot and holes will be formed in the roof which is covered with palm leaves. That is why, that, together with our partner Tenda Pamoja, an alternative has been considered. We have decided to build a concrete construction, with a roof construction of corrosion-protected roof plates. Such a shade has now been built at the Menzamwenye Primary School. A similar shade will be built on the Mahuruni from the end of 2019. 

A shade is normally used for school gatherings. Something like the auditorium which is used in the Netherlands. Often the shade is also used for teaching purposes. Because we have such a shortage of classrooms on the Mahuruni, we will be using the shade for the 2 nursery classes. Below are pictures of the progress of the construction.   

New roof on the Menzamwenye Primary

At the Menzamwenye Primary School we are replacing some of the roofs of the school classrooms. The old corrugated iron roofs are rusted. That is not good for drinking water quality. The schools in Kenya obtain their drinking water by collecting rain. That rain flows through the roofs, through the gutters and to the water tanks. If the roofs are full of rust, this is not good for the water quality. 

With our sponsor Extreme Groei we are now working on providing the first 11 classrooms with new roofs. If you look closely you can see that the corrugated sheets are now provided with a coating. That makes that they last much longer. Below you can see photos of all construction activities that took place in early 2020:   

2nd Dormitory Menzamwenye Secondary

The 2nd dormitory at Menzamwenye Secondary School is ready. Only we are now expanding the facilities for the girls. For example, a courtyard is created between the 1st and 2nd dormitory by building an extra wall. In addition, an extra water pipe is being drawn for drinking water in the courtyard. 

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